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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

The use of kettlebells for exercising purposes is becoming more and more popular, especially in the United States.Most of the high level athletes and celebrities have begun using these tools to increase their body performance.The starting point of Kettlebell workouts was actually Russia, but now it is spreading across many countries.Ketllebells have become more and more popular and i’m sure that this trend will only grow in the coming months and years. Kettlebells have so many benefits and here I will only share a few of them.Kettlebell Training Exclusive Benefits

  • Combines both strength & cardio training – A properly designed Kettlebell Training routine combines the aspects of both strength and cardio training within a single workout.
    Performing distinct kettlebell workouts with no or little rest not only builds muscle endurance and strength, but forces the body to work at maximum heart rate.
  • Kettlebell training is a complete body workout – Most of the Kettlebell exercises integrate compound movements – movements involving more than just one muscle.
  • Such compound movements develop strength and improve muscular balance and coordination. They are absolutely great for forming hard and lean muscle mass.
  • Kettlebell training is good for overall fitness – It is hard to describe what ‘fitness’ actually means. Every person has a different a picture in his mind of what a “fit” person looks and feels like. For some it would be long distance runners, others imagine big and brawny power lifters. However, some say (and I agree with them) that a fit person is the one who performs well in 3 areas – strength, cardiovascular and flexibility.
    Overall fitness is impossible to achieve by carrying out only one kind of exercises. So,kettlebell training is the best as it integrates all the three areas – muscular strength, cardiovascular strength and flexibility. It is a win, win, win situation .
  • Kettlebell training increases mobility – A good Kettlebell workout routine increases muscular flexibility and strengthens all the muscles present across the joints and therefore develops stability in the joints. Focusing only on flexibility means that one is increasing the risk for injuries. An individual should consider carrying out various movements to train stability, mobility and strength. It is essential to get maximum benefits and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Kettlebell training builds up functional strength – Since Kettlebell exercises concentrate on elementary movement patterns, they help in developing usable and real functional strength. These exercises require that the body works as a unit, rather than isolating muscles.
  • Kettlebell training helps in building core strength -  As Kettlebell workout forces the trainees to engage their core muscles in mainly all the exercises, they help in developing a strong and functional core. Kettlebell lifts like Turkish get-up work for both lower back muscles and abdominal muscles and prevents muscular imbalance between them.
    Kettlebell training is not only useful for the abdominal muscles, but also for deeper rotating and stabilizing muscles that are usually difficult to train.
  • Kettlebell training burns calories – Kettlebell exercises are excellent for off-season calorie and weight loss. According to some studies, they are capable to burn approximately 20 calories in a minute. The result is similar as an individual could achieve by running 6 minutes per mile pace. By performing Kettlebell exercises, the heart rate could increase to 80 percent in many cases.
  • Kettlebell training psychological benefits – Kettlebell training provides some psychological advantages also. Women could get a well toned and leaner body easily and quickly. After that, they get mentally happy and feel much better.
  • Kettlebell training provides better immunity towards illness – Kettlebell training provides better immunity towards various diseases, such as, heart ailments and diabetes. It also helps in lowering down blood pressure. Other benefits include abridged risk of injury and greater power.
Since the advantages of kettlebell training entails both psychological and physiological improvement, it is becoming more and more popular.
Consider starting with these kettlebell training workouts today and reap the benefits easily and quickly. Girls can get a sexy figure by performing these exercises and man can get the body they always dreamed of.

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  1. The use of kettlebells for exercising purposes is becoming more and more popular, especially in the United States.Most of the high level athletes and celebrities have begun using these tools to increase their body performance. become a kettlebell instructor