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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fire Up Your Day!

Breakfast literally means ‘breaking a fast’ as it’s the longest period between meals. But what did you have this morning? Was it the kind of day where you grab a coffee and race out the door? Or a more leisurely start with tea, toast and eggs?

Breakfast, like fashion, succumbs to trends. The days when we were a nation tucking into a full English every morning have long gone and now we are just as likely to munch our way through a croissant, grab a smoothie to go,  or dive into a bowl of surprisingly fashionable porridge!
Breakfast like a king?The ‘breakfast like a king,’ advice is spoken by mothers the land over. The famous quote is by 1940s nutritionist, Adelle Davis, who wouldn’t leave the house without sipping a milk smoothie made from yeast, oil, eggs fruit and a sprinkling of mineral supplements. Yum. But Ms Davis had a point. After a night’s sleep, your body needs fuel, especially your brain.
Low blood sugar affects concentration, and an empty stomach is distracting so you won’t be at your best. That goes for kids too who sleep longer than adults, and may have have gone ten or eleven hours since eating before dashing out for a long school day. A recent report revealed almost a third of kids skip breakfast entirely. Previous studies have shown that kids who don’t eat a healthy breakfast struggle to do well in school. And they may also be missing out on vital nutrients that form healthy bones and brains.
GI Low How fast and how much sugar is released from a food into the bloodstream is measured by the glycaemic index (GI). Sugary cereals can hit the top of the scale at 100. And whilst granola may look pretty it is packed with sugar. Old friends, porridge and oats have a lower GI of around 50. Instead of an instant high, these foods slowly release their sugars and keep your blood sugar more evenly regulated.
Keep the GI low and don’t be tempted to add sugar to your breakfast cereal without tasting first.  For breakfast phobics, keep a banana handy as a mid morning snack to prevent an energy crash.
Have a Good Morning
  • Size is important, think portion control
  • Keep a handle on the sugar and salt
  • Porridge has low GI, high fibre and stems hunger
  • Eggs and wholemeal toast are filling and nutritious
  • If you can’t face much, have a banana
  • Smoothies are a great way to get fruit and fibre
  • Mix up your menu to prevent boredom

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