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Saturday, 4 May 2013

TRX: Total Body Resistance Exercise.

Celebrate the sunshine with some summer preparatory core-busting exercises.
To celebrate the rising temperatures and the longer days, I thought I’d share some summer preparatory core busting exercises on one of my favourite pieces of kit, the TRX.
TRX, short for ‘Total body resistance exercise’, was invented by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick who made up workouts while on tour using a few lengths of parachute webbing hand stitched together with rubber boat repair tools.
Nowadays TRX looks a lot easier on the eye and invitingly hangs from ‘A’ Frames or wall mounts.
If strengthening your entire body, building cardiovascular fitness, stabilising muscles around the joints and increasing your flexibility while keeping up with the latest fitness trends interests you, TRX is a must bit of kit in your exercise tool box.
Here’s how you may like to give suspension training a go;
  • Follow my top 5 favourite core TRX exercises at the bottom of the blog, which can also be saved and viewed on your smartphone or tablet device.
Cool kit: TRX straps
TRX: Total Body Resistance Exercise.

1. Superman

Hard-Core with TRX: Superman Start   Hard-Core with TRX: Superman Finish
  • Lengthen the strap.
  • Crouch down underneath the anchor point holding the handles with your arms straight by your side.
  • Push forward and out with your legs while swinging your arms out in front of you.
  • Keeping your body straight, lower your hips and torso down towards the floor as you swing out until you feel that point of tension / instability.
  • Return to start position
  • 10-12 repetitions.
  • Options – Kneel down on a mat and roll out

2. TRX Hip Press

Hard-Core with TRX: Hip Press Start   Hard-Core with TRX: Hip Press Finish
  • Lengthen the straps.
  • Place both heels into the straps and straighten your legs while sitting on the floor/mat
  • With your hands slightly behind you, lift your bum so it is just off the floor.
  • Lift your hips up into the air as high as you can go while looking up.
  • Control yourself to original position. (You can even shift your hips behind you the other way to get a crunch)
  • 10-12 repetitions.
  • Options – Shuffle forwards and limit your hip lift.

3. TRX Side Plank (with double knee tuck)

Hard-Core with TRX: Side Plank Start   Hard-Core with TRX: Side Plank Finish
  • Mid-calf strap length.
  • Place both feet into the foot straps, toes first, until straps lie around the mid foot area. Lying on your side put the heel of one foot against the ball of the other. (This can take a little practice)
  • With your elbow underneath your shoulder, lift your hips off the floor.
  • In this position, tuck both knees into your body. Straighten your legs again.
  • 10-12 repetitions.
  • Options – Simply hold the side plank without the tuck / lengthen the straps.

4. TRX Torso Rotation

Hard-Core with TRX: Torso Rotation Start   Hard-Core with TRX: Torso Rotation Finish
  • Lengthen the straps
  • Put into single hand mode. (ask for assistance if unsure)
  • Facing towards the anchor, Clasp both hands around the secure handle, walk forward slightly and lean back so your arms are straight and body flat.
  • Keeping your arms straight and the strap taught at all times, pull the strap over and down to one side as far as you can. You’ll find that your body comes up as you pull the strap around.
  • Slowly rotate yourself back down (keep the strap taught). Repeat for other side.
  • 10-12 repetitions each side.
  • Options – Walk further forward to make harder and backwards to make easier.

5. TRX Oblique crunch

Hard-Core with TRX: Oblique Crunch Start   Hard-Core with TRX: Oblique Crunch Finish
  • Mid-calf strap length
  • Face down, place the tops of your feet into the foot straps and lie on your front.
  • Rise up on to both hands.
  • Remain stable in the arms while you pull your knees in and to the outside of one elbow.
  • Return to full plank position and repeat for the other side.
  • Options – Lengthen straps / bring both knees into the middle rather to the side / simply hold the plank position.
Feel free to give it a go and add some variety to your core workouts. After all, floor crunches are so yesterday.

Happy Days!

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